Registration form of competitors and models

Registration is done in two steps: first, fill in your personal information, and then add all of your models to the application form with a small button. Once everything is complete, press the big button to send the data and save it to the database. To verify that you submitted the application correctly, click the list of competitors and the list of models. In the case of any errors, corrections, etc., please contact us using the contact form in the footer of this website or use page "Contacts„.

Before you start registration, prepare the necessary data for all competition models. Model name, year, author, weight, wing loading in g/dm2. Please fill in these details carefully, because they will be printed on the starting card. For checking the models, please bring the necessary documentation for your models (construction plan, fly - photo for document the year of origin of the model, etc. according to the applicable rules).

The registrations are closed, data processing is in progress.

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